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DISCLAIMER: I make no claim that these builds are optimal. They are merely what I find works for my play-style, which assumes a good aim, and lots or movement for survival. There may be better builds for your play-style, which might have different polarities. Please make use of Warframe Builder to check for alternatives that may better suit you before spending Forma and committing to any polarity configurations shown below. The 'Search Builds' link there on each frame or weapon's page will give you a rated list of submitted builds (you may also want to sort by date, as patches may have made older, yet more popular builds obsolete).


Invisibility & Speed

Maximum Invisibility duration and run-speed mods. Used for fast runs of Capture and low level Spy missions.

Warframe screenshot build loki invisibility+speed.png

Invisibility & Range

Like the above, but sacrifices run-speed for greater range on Decoy and Switch Teleport, which may be needed for traversing some higher level spy vaults.

Warframe screenshot build loki invisibility+range.png

Irradiating Disarm

The augment changes Radial Disarm to also cause a guaranteed Radiation proc on affected enemies, essentially giving Loki an equivalent to Nyx's Chaos (with the benefit of enemies do attack your team being limited to melee). Maintains duration for Invisibility. This is a very strong crowd control and high scaling damage build, due to the fact enemies damage each other.

Warframe screenshot build loki invisibility+range.png


Hall of Malevolence

Strength and duration for powerful, long duration buffs. Focus on pure damage to make use of Hall of Mirrors clones plus a strong Eclipse buff, that also give high damage reduction while standing in shadows.

Warframe screenshot build mirage hall-of-mirrors.png



Maximum range, Despoil to use health instead of energy (which you can keep up as desecrate generates health orbs), efficiency to reduce the health cost.

Swap Energy Siphon for Corrosive Projection as needed, although you may want to keep your energy up to make use of Soul Punch's huge 125m range for single target crowd control. If you forma'd the V and one other slot, and put Cunning Drift into the Exilus slot, you could then add the Soul Survivor augment, also letting you insta-rez at that range.

1 Forma 3 Forma
Warframe screenshot build nekros desecrate.png Warframe screenshot build nekros desecrate 3 forma.png


Molecular Prime, Range

High duration for maximum range, along with efficiency and energy regen. Good for covering large areas, when you don't have a trinity present for energy.

Warframe screenshot build nova mprime-range.png

Speed Nova

Increases enemy movement speed. Used mainly on defense missions, to make wave clearing faster.

Warframe screenshot build nova speed.png

Molecular Prime, Damage

Area coverage with added explosion radius and damage. Best used when a trinity is present to provide energy, as efficiency and regen is sacrificed.

Warframe screenshot build nova mprime-damage.png

Antimatter Drop

Antimatter Drop is unaffected by range (it's fixed at 15m explosion radius) or duration, so this build leaves both a little below 100% in order to increase strength and efficiency. Molecular Prime is still usable to boost damage, but it won't persist for long, or cover a large area of the map. It's more for defensive slowing so you can charge up Antimatter Drop in the middle of a crowd. Use a shotgun like a Tigris, Hek, or a very well modded Sobek to charge up Antimatter Drop full in just 1 or 2 shots.

Quick Thinking has been swapped out for just Vitality, as I'm using the health regen from operator Arcanes for survival instead.

Warframe screenshot build nova mprime-damage.png


Razorwing Efficiency

Can stay in razorwing constantly off energy orb drops.

Warframe screenshot build titania razorwing efficiency.png


Energy Vampire

Maximum range, minimum duration, balanced strength and efficiency. For providing energy to the rest of the team.

Warframe screenshot build trinity ev.png

Well of Life / Energy Vampire Trick

Blessing and Link

Intended to be used with a decaying dragon key to remove shields, so that health can be lost completely, which increases the damage reduction from Blessing. Requires very good resource management, as you have to keep energy high, as it is your only health, and also cooldowns have to be watched so you don't get caught without blessing and link active.

Warframe screenshot build trinity b+l.png

Other builds



For maximum Hysteria run-time.

Warframe screenshot build valkyr efficiency.png


For maximum damage and higher armor for high level content.

Warframe screenshot build valkyr strength.png