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Wiki Editing

The main reference for editing wiki pages can be found here.

It's also worth printing out a copy of the MediaWiki Reference Card, which covers the most commonly used markup (I keep a copy of it under my mouse mat -- Yasueh (talk)).

For editing large and complex sections of wiki code (such as large tables with many CSS style tags), it can sometimes be easier to copy the code into an editor like Notepad++ - which provides more advanced features than the in wiki editor, such as find/replace - and then copy the edited code back into the wiki edit box.


These are the hexadecimal red/green/blue values for colors used on this site. Some may already have been defined for use in <span> tags at MediaWiki:Common.css

Character Classes

     c41f3b death knight
     ff7d0a druid
     abd473 hunter
     69ccf0 mage
     00ff96 monk
     f58cba paladin
     ffffff priest
     fff569 rogue
     0070de shaman
     9482c9 warlock
     c79c6e warrior

Item Qualities

     1eff00 WoW item green
     0070dd WoW item blue
     a335ee WoW item purple

Site Colors

     ff9e00 phi orange high
     ff009e phi pink high
     9e00ff phi purple high
     009eff phi blue high
     00ff9e phi aqua high
     9eff00 phi green high
     ff6100 phi orange low
     ff0061 phi pink low
     6100ff phi purple low
     0061ff phi blue low
     00ff61 phi aqua low
     61ff00 phi green low

Uploading Images

PicPick is a screen capture program that has the ability to grab just a section of the screen, and it includes a basic image editor.

Most image content for the site though should be sourced from the game files where possible, to ensure that eg. captures of semi-transparent images don't include the background. The files comprising the game's User Interface can be extracted using this method, and then a program like XnView can be used to browse the images, which are in .blp format. blp2png can then be used to convert them to a format compatible with use on the web.

Because images on the wiki may be added into pages through template code, their file names should be all lower case, and of a similar form. Being descriptive in the file name also saves having to fill in the description field when uploading, and makes it easier to find groups of files in the file list. eg.:

  • icon class druid.png
  • icon trade blacksmithing.png
  • icon race orc female.png
  • icon dungeon ragefire chasm.png
  • icon ability warrior shield slam.png
  • screenshot npc auctioneer sowata.png
  • screenshot npc bow and rifle vendor kaja.png
  • screenshot location booty bay.png -
  • map world city azeroth orgrimmar.png - Maps form the main map called up by pressing 'M'.
  • map world zone northrend icecrown.png
  • map world dungeon ragefire chasm.png
  • map mini valley of wisdom.png - minimap scale maps, which may have been stitched together from several images (or extracted from game data and cropped).

Wowhead Tooltips

This wiki includes JavaScript that modifies links to items, abilities, etc. on the site, so that they have icons and correctly colored text, as well as mouse-over tooltips. Use edit or view source on this section to see the code used (it's not posible to provide a text example here without the JavaScript converting it).


[2] (with enchant, gem and pieces for set bonus in the tooltip)