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Intended dojo layout when research labs are completed

Image 008 (3).png Dark grey rooms show expansion space in the basement for additional reactors that will be required in future, and an elevator up to a second floor where decorative rooms, a dueling room, and the obstacle course may be built.

Completed steps

Dojo build 01.png
Build a T at north end (the door from the hall with a console next to it), and cross at the south end, along with trade and vault terminals.

The corridors will take 12 hours to complete, the consoles 24 (I'll be setting an alarm to keep the space between building rooms to a minimum).
Dojo build 02.png Building the T and cross used up all the available power, so we've added a temporary reactor so we can carry on building.

The Reactor will take 12 hours to build.

24 hours to complete to this point. If you have formas to contribute, the vault should be completed by then.
Dojo build 03.png Add a down elevator and another cross corridor.

12 hours to complete these, total at 36 hours.

In Progress

Dojo build 04.png Cross connector added at the bottom of the elevator, T at the end of the corridor of crosses.

12 hours, taking us to 48 total.

To Do

Dojo build 05.png Two reactors added to the basement, so we have enough power to build all of the labs, and the Oracle built at the end of the corridors (required to build any other lab, and put here because it isn't used for anything else after being built)

24 hours for the Oracle to complete, taking the total to 72.
Dojo build 06.png Labs added. Orokin is furthest from the hall, as it has the least research/use. Tenno closest as is most used, along with infested, because it has the most 'fun' weapons ;) . Temporary reactor is deconstructed, to make space for a future up elevator (2 hours to do this. Materials will be put in the dojo vault, for use in any subsequent construction).

24 hours to finish all the labs, total build time 96 hours/4 days.

Suggestions for initial research contributions:

  • Dragon Keys (Orokin Lab) - to access Orokin Vaults in derelict missions, for corrupted mods.
  • Nutrio Incubator Upgrade Segment (Tenno Lab) - makes keeping pets a lot cheaper.
  • Ignis (Chem Lab, MR5), Amprex (Energy Lab, MR10) - very good AoE weapons, that are handy for farming resources.
  • Amesha (very defensive), Itzal (fast/stealthy), Elytron (AoE damage) archwings (all in Tenno Lab).
  • Fluctus (Tenno Lab) - AoE archwing gun.