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Test code below this point.

wowhead tooltips


[2] (with enchant, gem and pieces for set bonus)


     c41f3b death knight
     a330c9 demon hunter
     ff7d0a druid
     abd473 hunter
     69ccf0 mage
     00ff96 monk
     f58cba paladin
     ffffff priest
     fff569 rogue
     0070de shaman
     9482c9 warlock
     c79c6e warrior
     1eff00 WoW item green
     0070dd WoW item blue
     a335ee WoW item purple
     ff9e00 phi orange high
     ff009e phi pink high
     9e00ff phi purple high
     009eff phi blue high
     00ff9e phi aqua high
     9eff00 phi green high
     ff6100 phi orange low
     ff0061 phi pink low
     6100ff phi purple low
     0061ff phi blue low
     00ff61 phi aqua low
     61ff00 phi green low

damage=heat colors for warframe

-75	blue 		#0000ff

-50			#00aaff

	cyan		#00ffff

-25			#00ffaa
-20			#00ff88
-15			#00ff66

0	green		#00ff00

25			#aaff00

	yellow		#ffff00

50			#ffaa00

75	red		#ff0000

table test

Core Bonus Stat Common 32px Uncommon 32px Rare
Air Sprint Efficiency Jet Sprint Cost -20 /s -30 /s -40 /s -50 /s
Energy Jet Energy 40 80 120 160
Energy Recharge Jet Energy Recharge 20 /s 30 /s 40 /s 50 /s
Health Bonus Health 10% 12.5% 15% 17.5%
Health Regen Health Regen 25 HP/s 50 HP/s 75 HP/s 100 HP/s
Jump Height Jump Height 0.5 m 0.75 m 1.0 m 1.25 m
Run Speed Run Speed 0.4 m/s 0.8 m/s 1.2 m/s 1.6 m/s