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Primary Professions

Each character can learn only two of the primary professions at a time. It is possible to unlearn a profession in order to start learning another, but any skill level or recipes learned will be lost in the process. By having more than one character it is possible to cover all of the primary professions, and mail items to one character that have been gathered or crafted on another.


Gathering professions provide resouces required by many of the crafting professions.

Icon profession herbalism.png Herbalism

Herbalism supplies Alchemy and Inscription.

Icon profession mining.png Mining

Mining supplies Blacksmithing, Engineering and Jewelcrafting.

Icon profession skinning.png Skinning

Skinning supplies Leatherworking.


Crafting can be used to create armor or weapons, as well as enhancements.

Icon profession alchemy.png Alchemy

Icon profession blacksmithing.png Blacksmithing

Icon profession enchanting.png Enchanting

Icon profession engineering.png Engineering

Icon profession inscription.png Inscription

Icon profession jewelcrafting.png Jewelcrafting

Icon profession leatherworking.png Leatherworking

Icon profession tailoring.png Tailoring

Secondary Professions

A character can learn all of the secondary professions.

Icon profession archaeology.png Archaeology

Archaeology explores the history of some of the races in the game, and provides many toy items for your collection.

Icon profession cooking.png Cooking

Cooking creates food that can give buffs, or to heal.

Icon profession first aid.png First Aid

First Aid is used to make bandages that can be used to heal yourself while out of combat.

Icon profession fishing.png Fishing

Fishing provides materials that may be used to level cooking, as well as well as it being possible to fish up other items.