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The developers of several games, including World of Warcraft.


Real Money Trading

Trading in game items or currencies to players for real world currencies. This is usually against a game's Terms of Use, as it can negatively affect the game's own economy, expose players to account theft, and gives some players an unfair advantage.


  1. The initial creation of a character. Originally from table-top RPGs, where you'd determine a characters starting characteristics by rolling dice.
  2. A simulated dice roll to determine who gets loot drops. Need/Greed looting will do this automatically, but there is also a /roll [number] slash command for players to use, when a different loot system has been selected before a dungeon starts.


Veteran Edition

An account that has returned to Starter Edition limitations due to expiration of paid game time. Veterans can retain access to certain traded items/enhancements otherwise unavailable to non-upgraded Starter Edition accounts. 'Veteran Edition' is not an officially used Blizzard term, as they consider all accounts that aren't on paid game-time to be Starter Edition.